The Mulqueen Family History

From its earliest beginnings, the Mulqueen Family Funeral Directors business has been a part of the Bendigo community and has grown with the region.

The Bridge Street Funeral business embraces its origins form 1853 when Thomas Abell opened a carpentry and undertaking business in Bridge Street. After obtaining a town lots in May 1855, Thomas Abell and Philip Kennedy constructed an impressive two-storey building and relocated the business to the corner of Bridge and Cemetery streets directly in front of what was then the Sandhurst Burial Grounds. In 1856 Thomas Oakley purchased the business and operated under his own name until 1886 when his son William tok over in partnership with Peter Fizelle.

Peter Fizelle became the sole proprietor on 1 March 1895, and ran the business under his own name. This was the beginning of continuous ownership by the Fizelle/Mulqueen family.

Michael Mulqueen was an Irish immigrant who arrived in Australia in 1891 and he subsequently married Peter Fizelle’s daughter Elizabeth. On the 5th of February 1900, the business became known as FIZELLE & MULQUEEN.

 In 1934 the name changed to MULQUEEN & SONS and was managed by Michael’s son John until his death in 1950.

The business was then managed by John’s son Peter with his mother Irene (Gerdsen) on behalf of the family until 1965 when Peter and his brother John (4th generation) took over the business together with their wives Adele and Ruth respectively.

Peter died in 1999, and although Adele still has a keen interest in the business she is no longer involved in the day to day operations. Four of her sons Peter Jnr (Director and Accountant), Paul (Media), Daniel (Director) and Corey (Prepaid Funerals) have taken over responsibility for the business interests. Each use their specialised skills and experience contributing to the ongoing operations and continued development of Mulqueen Family Funeral Directors.

Although John retired in 2000, he and Ruth still have a strong affinity with the business. They have four children Mark, David, Lyn and Jan, all of whom also have various levels of involvement. Mark is General Manager, David a graphic artist and funeral assistant, Lyn’s husband John is a Director and Jan assists from a financial perspective.